Welcome to our school, which is a warm, safe and creative place to learn.  We are extremely proud of the family atmosphere we have created and enjoy working in partnership with parents and carers to guarantee the best possible outcomes for our pupils.  We hold regular family afternoons, when parents, carers and other family members are invited into school to see what the children have been working on and to share in their learning.  Our school is a central part of the local rural community, but we are also dedicated to ensuring our children develop a knowledge and appreciation of the global community and the diversity of cultures around the world.

The children are taught in mixed-age classes by our skilled and devoted staff, who ensure that the full National Curriculum is taught and brought to life in a fun way that engages children and also challenges and deepens their understanding.  We encourage the children to take ownership of their learning which allows them to maximise their full potential.  We are very proud of our school environment, those working within it and the high academic standards our children achieve, while recognising that it is just as important that they develop their skills and talents in art, music and sport.  In partnership with families, we endeavour to help them become happy, secure, confident and successful young people with a love of learning, who believe in themselves and are caring and thoughtful in their relationships with others.