Reception - High Frequency Words

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During the Reception Year, there are 100 high frequency (common) words for the children to learn to read by sight. This is a huge number and so to help children consolidate them, we will be sending home sets of 5 at a time. They can then be looked at alongside their reading book and used to play games.  If they stay in the book bag with the children’s reading book and record, we can check the words with them when we hear them read. When we are happy they can recognise them we will send out a new set.

Set 1 (blue) a and in is it
Set 2 (yellow) he I she the was
Set 3 (green) at on to we you
Set 4 (red) all for his of said
Set 5 (orange) but can that they with
Set 6 (pink) are had my out up
Set 7 (light blue) have her there this what
Set 8 (light yellow) be like not so went
Set 9 (light purple) as go little no then
Set 10 (light green) mum one some them were
Set 11 (blue 2) big dad do down me
Set 12 (yellow 2) it's looked see very when
Set 13 (green 2) come don't into look will
Set 14 (green 2) back children from get him
Set 15 (orange 2) about came got just Mr
Set 16 (orange 2) an called day help I'm
Set 17 (light blue 2) asked by could here if
Set 18 (light yellow 2) house made Mrs now off
Set 19 (light purple 2) make oh people put saw
Set 20 (light green 2) old their time too your