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Does the school have to school often because of snow? We do not have to close the school very often as a result of snow - there have only been two extended periods in the last nineteen years.
What does the Edward Richardson School do when closures take place in the area? When the county is swept by blizzards and all schools are facing such problems we set up our 'E-School'.
How does the E-School work? This is a little more than merely posting work onto the website although this will happen.  This page will change and will become the hub of lots of activity and communication.  The staff will prepare work for the pupils from home and this will then be e-mailed to the Headteacher.  E-mail distribution lists have been  prepared for all year groups so that work can be e-mailed directly to parents and guardians as well as posted on the website.  Parents and guardians will be encouraged to send in feedback about the work.
When did it happen last? November 2010 was the last significant period with a single day following in January 2012.
What did the pupils do? In addition to the work sent home we also posted up photos from around our area to show what the conditions were like and had a caption competition to go with these.  We had some great photos.
Did parents use the system to communicate with others who had been cut off by the weather? Yes.  We also hosted a message board for our families who had been cut off by the weather to announce cancelled birthday parties etc. 
Did the media show an interest? Yes.  Our progress was watched by BBC Radio Lincolnshire and Lincs FM and we were also asked to go to the Look North studio to do a TV interview (which was, of course, impossible as we were snowed in).
How can I make sure that my child doesn't miss out if it snows? Please make sure that you have given us an e-mail address (or more than one) so that your child's education can continue regardless of any enforced closure.