Lincolnshire Show

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We are often asked about our position on children attending the Lincolnshire Show.  Given the strong approach to school attendance which is now required by the DfE we have had to give this serious consideration.  We understand that we are part of a rural community and that the show represents aspects of an integral part of the working lives of many of our families.  Thus, whilst aware that many schools will not authorise any absence for the show, we have tried to find a suitable compromise which is symapathetic to our setting.

Thus we will authorise a day visit to the Lincolnshire Show as long as ALL of the below are met:
1. The authorisation has been REQUESTED in writing in advance (note that a letter/email saying that a pupil is going may be notification but cannot be considered to be a request)
2. The absence is for ONE of the days ONLY
3. The written request has been submitted in advance (by 1pm of the previous day - letter or email - Emails will receive a reply to confirm that the absence has been authorised.  For authorisation to be in place you must have received a written reply from school.  Please note that until you receive the reply it has NOT been authorised.  If you don't receive a reply before midday of the day following you request please contact school.  Please do not assume...
4. The child is accompanied by a family member (please do not invite friends to go with you - they will not be authorised)
5. The overall attendance rate for the pupil up to and including the Friday preceding the Lincolnshire Show is not below 93%
6. The child has had no unauthorised absence during the academic year

Authorisation cannot be granted retrospectively.

If your child is in Key Stage 1 please cancel their 'free' school meal by 1pm on the previous day.  If you don't do so school will be charged but we are not reimbursed for meals not taken.

Any absence which does not meet these conditions, which are a generous interpretation of the regulations on attendance, will have to be categorised as 'unauthorised'.