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 It would assist greatly if ALL items of clothing are clearly labelled with the child's name!

General PE and Games sessions For Physical Education and Games our uniform is a plain white ‘T shirt’ with blue shorts.  These are not of a set specification (although white shirts in the same style as the school polo shirt and bearing the school logo can be obtained from our supplier).  Suitable kit can, however, be purchased in most chain stores. For indoor PE children should wear plimsolls or bare feet.  Suitable footwear for outdoor games, (football, netball etc) will be required by older children and this should be different from the footwear worn for indoor PE lessons.  Football boots are not essential but an appropriate change of footwear is necessary.  PE is a statutory requirement of the National Curriculum and as such we have to insist that children take part. Suitable clothing must be provided and be in school at all times as children cannot be regularly excused on the grounds of unavailable kit.

Football and hockey sessions, including those in Extended School, require long socks and shinpads.  These sessions will continue even if the weather is cold.  It is perfectly acceptable for children to bring a track suit and there is no stipulation as to the design.  Hoodies are available from our unifrom supplier and are ideal for this purpose.

Replica football kit should not be worn by pupils for any PE during the school day.  It lacks uniformity and puts pressure on parents to buy the latest kit or the kit of a certain club (which, clearly, would be acceptable only if it were in the colours of Wolverhampton Wanderers).

Since the introduction of the Sports Premium pupils, especially in Years 4, 5 and 6, are involved in even more outdoor PE and Games.  They also have many opportunities for Games after school.  This means that one PE kit may not be enough.  We encourage pupils to bring something warmer to wear outdoors in colder weather - PE will go ahead.  A track suit is fine.  For Extended School activities pupils may wear different kit from their school PE kit so that they will have clothing for PE the following day which is clean and dry.

Swimming (six week block in Term 6) Every child requires swimming equipment daily during a six week block of Term 6.
Earrings and Hair Pupils should not wear earrings for PE or swimming as they represent a potantial Health and Safety hazard.  They should be able to remove and replace these unaided.  There is often advice from those who pierce ears that the earrings should not be removed for a number of weeks.  Please bear this in mind when planning piercings.

Long hair should always be tied back in school and this is particularly important in PE and Games sessions.