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Absence - Reporting
Admission Criteria
Admissions FAQs

Admission Form
After School Clubs and Activities
Aims of the School
Applying for a Place
Applying for Free School Meals
Application Form for Free School Meals
Area we Serve
Attendance Data

Bad Weather
Bag Enderby Village Website
Behaviour Policy
Belchford & Fulletby Joint PC Website
Belchford Village Website
Big Sing
Bindi - Sponsored Pupil in India
Bishop Grosseteste University - Partnership
Blog - Class 4
Blog - Class 5
Bournemouth Residentials
Breakfast Club
Brinkhill Village Website

British Values
Bullying Policy
Burwell Village Website
Buses to School


CfBT Governor Support
Charging & Remissions Policy
Charity Collections - Ragtex
Children's Bookmarks
Christmas Links
Class 1 Links
Class 1 Photo Album 2015-2016
Class 1 Photo Album 2016-2017 - Term 1
Class 1 Photo Album 2016-2017 - Term 2
Class 1 Photo Album 2016-2017 - Term 3

Class 1 Photo Album 2016-2017 - Term 4
Class 2 Links
Class 2 Photo Album 2015-2016
Class 2 Photo Album 2016-2017
Class 2 High Frequency Words
Class 3 Photo Album 2015-2016
Class 3 Photo Album 2016-2017
Class 3 Links
Class 4 Photo Album 2015-2016
Class 4 Photo Album 2016-2017
Class 4 Links
Class 4 Blog
Class 5 Blog
Class Structure
Clubs - After School

Communicating with Staff
Complaints Policy
Contract of Governance
Curriculum Background Documents

Daily routines at School
Dates for Governor Commitments

Dates of Terms 2015/2016
Dates of Terms to July 2017

DfE Performance Tables
Double Envelope Election System
Dress Code

Early Learning Goals
Early Years - EYFS A Parents' Guide
Early Years - What is the EYFS?
Edward Bear's Counties Challenge
Edward Bear's Countries Challenge
Edward's Football Grounds Album
Edward Bear's Lincs Challenge
Edward Bear on Tour
Edward Bear's UK Gallery
Edward Bear's World Gallery

Edward Richardson
Eight Twenty Club
Election of Governors
Eligibility for Free School Meals
English GAPS
English Grammar Glossary
English Spelling by Year Group
Ethos, Vision &Values

E-Letters & Communications
E-Safety (Pupils) Policy
Euro 2016 Competition
Events Calendar

EYFS A Parents' Guide
EYFS - What is the EYFS?
Extended School Activities
Extra Curricular Activities

Farm Kitchen (The)
Family Afternoons
Family Room
Film Club
Flagpole 2016-2017
Flickr Galleries
Form - Admission
Form - Register for Wrap Around Care
Four Thirty Club
Free School Meals - Application Form
Free School Meals - eligibility
Fulletby PC Website

Gallery of Photos : Around School
Gallery of Photos from Class 1

Gallery Class 1 2015-2016

Gallery Class 1 2016-2017 - Term 1
Gallery Class 1 2016-2017 - Term 2
Gallery Class 1 2016-2017 - Term 3
Gallery Class 1 2016-2017 - Term 4
Gallery Class 2 2015-2016
Gallery Class 2 2016-2017
Gallery Class 3 2015-2016
Gallery Class 3 2016-2017
Gallery Class 4 2015-2016
Gallery Class 4 2016-2017
Gallery: Induction 2015
Gallery of Photos from India 2007
Gallery of Photos from India 2012
Gallery of Photos - Residential 2014
Gallery of Photos - Residential 2015

Gallery of Photos - Residential 2016
Gallery of Photos - Sports 2015
Gallery - Pirates of the Curry Bean
Gallery of Special Events 2015/2016
GEL Training for Governors

Governor Contract
Governors - A Guide to the Law
Governor Elections

Governor Support (CfBT)

Hagworthingham Village Website
Harrington Village Website
Health & Safety Policy

Help Your Child with Subtraction
High Frequency Words - Class 2
High Frequency Words - Reception
Holiday in Term Time Requests
Home School Agreement
Home School Agreement - Bus
Home Page
Hot School Meals
Hyperlinks for Children
Hyperlinks for Parents

IASS / Liaise (Lincolnshire)

Illness - Reporting
India Gallery 2007
India Gallery 2012

Induction Gallery 2015
Induction Gallery 2016
Induction of Pupils into the YR Group
Inspection Report
International Pages
International Window Challenge
International School Award
International School Award Press Release
International School Links

Jargon Buster
Job Vacancies
Key Stage 1 Reading & Phonics
Key Stage 1 SAT Results
Key Stage 2 SAT Results


League Tables
Letters Home
Liaise / IASS (Lincolnshire)
Lincolnshire CC Admissions

Lincolnshire Parent Partnership
Lincolnshire Show
Links for Children
Links for Parents
Links with Schools in Other Countries
Llandudno Residentials
Local Offer - SEN&D
Location Map

Map Showing our Location
Maths Expectations (National Curriculum)
Mission Statement

National Curriculum

Nationwide School Uniforms
News from the Last Six Weeks
NPQH Support
Nursery Education in the Area
Nursing Service (School)

Online Learning
Our Teams
Out & About

Parent Consultations
Parent Governor Elections
Parent Pages
Parent Partnership (Lincolnshire)
Parent View
Parents Bookmarks (hyperlinks)
Parish Council Mornings
Parking  in Tetford
Partner School in West Bromwich
Paying online with WisePay
PE & Sport
Performance Tables - DfE
Phonics & Reading at Key Stage 1
Photographs : Around School
Photographs Class 1: 2015-2016
Photographs Class 1: 2016-2017 - Term 1
Photographs Class 1: 2016-2017 - Term 2
Photographs Class 1: 2016-2017 - Term 3
Photographs Class 1: 2016-2017 - Term 4
Photographs Class 2: 2015-2016

Photographs Class 2 2016-2017
Photographs Class 3: 2015-2016
Photographs Class 3: 2016-2017
Photographs Class 4: 2015-2016
Photographs Class 4: 2016-2017
Photographs from Class 2
Photographs from Class 3
Photographs from Class 4
Photographs from India 2007
PE & Games Kit
Policy on Behaviour
Policy on Bullying
Policy on Charging & Remissions
Policy on Complaints
Policy on E-Safety (Pupils)
Policy on Health & Safety
Policy on Safeguarding
Policy on SEN & Disability
Pirates of the Curry Bean Gallery
Pre-Schools in the Area
PSFA Events
Pupil Premium

Quiz Answers - Pool Opening

Raising Money for School
Reading & Phonics at Key Stage 1
Reception High Frequency Words
Reporting Illness / Absence
Residential 2014 Photo Gallery
Residential 2015Photo Gallery
Residential 2016 Photo Gallery
Residential 2017 Photo Gallery
Residential Trips

Road Safety in Tetford
Road Safety Officers - Junior

Safeguarding - Lincolnshire
Safeguarding Policy
SATs Dates

SATs - Help Your Child
SAT Results (2014-2016)
Scarborough Residentials
School Aims
School Buses
School Council
School Day
School Lunches
School Nursing Service
School Performance Tables
School Governors
Schools in Other Countries - Links
Secondary Schools in the area
Secondary Transfer
SEND Information Report
SEND Local Offer
Snow Closures
Snow Pictures 2013
Somersby Village Website
South Ormsby Village Website
Special Educational Needs
Special Events Gallery 2015/2016
Special Needs & Disability Policy
Sponsored Pupil in India
Sport Premium
Sports Kit
Staff List
Staff Responsibilities
Staff Wellbeing
Strategic Intent
Structure of the School
Summary of Work this Year
Swaby Village Website
Swimming Pool

Term Dates
Term Time Leave
Tetford Traffic
Tetford Village Website
The Big Sing
The Farm Kitchen

Things to do at Home
This Week / Next Week
Timings - The School Day
Transfer to Secondary education
Traffic in Tetford
Travel Plan
Transport to School
Twitter Feed

UK Partner School (West Bromwich)


Values - British
Village Website - Hagworthingham
Village Website - Tetford
Villages we Serve
Vision & Values

Walmsgate Village Website
Weather Problems

West Bromwich Partner School
Welcoming New Pupils into the YR Group
What's On Calendar
What is the EYFS?
What's New?
Where is the School Located?
Who Was Edward Richardson?
Winter Weather
Work in the Classrooms this Year
World Cup Competition 2014
World Flag Database
World Vision - Sponsored Pupil in India
Wrap Around Care

Wrap Around Care Registration Form

Year Group Checker