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Attendance at school is crucial if pupils are to make the progress which we expect.  This obviously requires routines which are as detailed below.


Question Answer
What time should my child arrive at school? No pupils should be on the premises (other than in Wrap Around Care) unless accompanied by an adult - if this adult is not the parent or guardian of the pupil the school should have been notified of the arrangement in writing as the school staff have no legal responsibility for supervision before 8.50am.  Any child left before 08.50am should be registered for and placed in Wrap Around Care.
At 8.50am a bell is rung on the playground and the school doors are opened - all pupils enter the building as they then arrive and there will be an activity for them to work upon.
What happens if we arrive after 9.00am? Registration finishes at 9.05am.  Children arriving up until 9.10am are marked 'Late before closure of the registers' - this does not count as an absence.
What happens if we arrive after the registers have closed? Once the registers have closed the lessons for the day have begun and a child arriving late will have missed a crucial part of the school day.  Arrivals after 9.10am have to be marked as 'Late after the closure of the registers' which counts as an absence.  Please note that the reason given when signing them in will determine if this absence is authorised or unauthorised.
What should I do if my child is ill? Please let us know as soon as possible if they are too ill to attend school - this may necessitate leaving a message on our answering machine!  If you let us know by e-mail please E-mail the School Office in addition to any specific member of staff (who may be off site on the day).
What happens about lunches if my child is off school? Please cancel any lunch that you have booked if your child is off school.  If you do not do so the lunch will still be sent and you will be charged.  If you are entitled to Free School Meals (including Universal Free School Meals for Key Stage 1) the lunch will still be sent and school will be charged.  We are only reimbursed for meals which are taken but we are charged for the meals provided so PLEASE REMEMBER TO DO THIS.
What do I do if I need to take my child out of school during the day? Contact school in advance.  The response will depend upon the reason but, if the reason can be authorised, you will be asked sign them out and the register will be marked accordingly.
What do I do if I want to take my child out of school for a number of days? There is no right to do this unless the reason falls within acceptable guidelines.  This does not include holiday.  Please note that there is no right to take children on holiday during term time and we discourage parents from making any such request as they will not normally be authorised.  Please refer to our page on Term Time Leave for more details.
Our area is very isolated and the roads can get quite dangerous - what if I get my child to school late on a day when there has been severe weather? We do understand that this can be a problem.  In times of severe weather please keep an eye on our current website information.  We will always endeavour to keep school open but we do not want safety to be compromised and on such days may announce that registers will be kept open until a later time than normal so that pupils will not be noted as having an unauthorised absence.
We are in a rural county - what happens if I want to take my child to the Lincolnshire Show? Please refer to our Lincolnshire Show page