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Bikeability is a programme of training in riding bicycles safely on the road.  It is presented by trained staff from the Sincil Sports College in Lincoln and is delivered to Year 5 pupils during the spring or summer of the year.  One of these is Mr White who was Mr Hyde's PE and Games teacher when Mr Hyde was just thirteen.  What more could you ask?  The training will allow them to have the skills to cycle to school safely for their last year of school if they live near enough and their parents or guardians are happy for them to do so.  Parents and guardians will be sent information a few weeks before commencement about the programme and are asked to sign up for this programme to learn a real life skill.

If you want to find out more about the programme please visit the Bikeability website.

Pupils will only be permitted to store their bicycle on the school premises if they have either completed this course or have undertaken to do so when eligible.  The school operates a 'Cycle Helmet Safety' policy which states that only riders wearing safety cycle helmets fore their full journey will be allowed to store their bicycle on the school premises.  This applies to all.  More information about cycle helmets can be found at the
The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership website.