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This page contains links to potentially useful internet sites.  The internet is a virtually limitless educational resource.  It must, however, be used carefully.  At school we have very powerful filtering software to ensure the quality of the material we access.  At home this may not be available.  Like all good home learning internet use is best done with, or at least directly monitored by, a responsible adult.  Children should remember to NEVER give their email address to anyone on the net.


Search Engines
The following search engines aim to search for sites intended for children

Ask Jeeves for Kids Children's section of the 'Ask Jeeves' search engine
Yahooligans Children's section of the 'Yahoo' search engine


Web Directories
The following sites are reputable directories which contain lists of good sites for children.  They link to THOUSANDS of sites.  We haven't looked at all of these ourselves!

Google Web Directory (Kids and Teens) A directory of sites for children and teenagers
Genie Find An American search engine / directory for children
192 Directory A UK based site (though many US links) - directory of sites for children

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Class 1 Specific links for Class 1
Class 2 Specific links for Class 2
Class 3 Specific links for Class 3
Class 4 Specific links for Class 4

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BBC / Channel 5 Sites
The BBC has spent a lot of money on developing web resources for children and it shows.  There are lots of really excellent BBC sites - far too many to list.  Here are a just a few!  Where they are specifically relevant to work in school we will try to ensure that they are listed.

Preschool & Reception

Bob the Builder Preschool & Reception though enjoyed by older fans!
Cbeebies Preschool & Reception games and stories
Milkshake Preschool & Reception
Snapdragon Preschool & Reception learning games and creative activities
Teletubbies Preschool & Reception games and play

Key Stage 1 to Lower KS2

Dynamo Ages 5-9: Maths, English, Science and History
Little Animals Activity Centre Ages 4-8: Language and Maths
Magic Key Literacy
Number Time Great number bonds and mental arithmetic reinforcement - a must!
Number Crew Numeracy (mostly Year 2)
Words and Pictures Excellent language and reading resource - another must!

Key Stage 2

BBC links Lots of BBC sites for Geography and History
Egypt - British Museum Information from the British Museum - and a challenge
Egypt Mummies - information and links - Ancient Egypt
Romans (BBC) King Caratacus and Queen Boudicca
Mega Maths Maths website
Planet Arkive Lots of interesting facts about animals
Today in History Put in a date and find out what happened on the same date in history
World War II - BBC Studied in History by Class 3
World War II - Snaith Good activities
Wild Children's BBC site about animals

Year 6

Key Stage 2 SAT Revision Revision for the Key Stage 2 SAT tests.  A very good idea!

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Homework Assistance

SOS Teacher Could be called SOS Parents!  You can submit questions about school work & homework or look at past questions.  Lots are covered including how to do fractions, decimals and percentages!

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Other Sites
These sites are specific sites which will support aspects of the work undertaken by the children in school.

Booktrusted A website about books for children
British Museum Artefacts from history
Cooking with Kids Recipes and Tips
Cycle Safety Information on safe cycling
Grid Club Ages 7-11: An excellent Department for Education & Science / Channel 4 website.  Look things up (including an atlas).  Over 500 games with educational themes.
Healthy Kids Ages 3-8: Supports Health Care education.  Good advice on headlice!
Indian Child Links to games, jokes and topics related to India (Class 3)
News 254 front pages from around the world
NRgize Getting active
Windows to the Universe Science site with lots of space related activities

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Links for Parents
Sites giving advice to parents.

Familyrapp Online weekly parenting magazine providing thought provoking articles on education, health and drug issues along with a wealth of information on places to visit, family holidays, recommended reading for children and adults and daily recipes.
Parent Centre Information about schools, the curriculum, topical issues and advice. 
Parents Online A Department for Education & Science website.  You have to register but it looks really good.  Links to educational websites, which can be searched by age or topic.  Information about the educational benefits of the internet.
Parents Topic Guides Another DfES site which gives information about some of the topics we cover.

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Health Warning
We have tried to find some good starting points for web working with the children.  Please remember, however, that the web is exactly that.  Every site is linked to other sites (just as ours is) and once you leave our site it is simply impossible for us to check every link that might be made.  Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the suitability of the sites listed we cannot accept responsibility for any site managed by others or for the links it may contain.  If you find that one of these links is no longer active please let me know and I will remove it.