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This page contains links to potentially useful Internet sites.  The Internet is a virtually limitless educational resource.  It must, however, be used carefully.  At school we have very powerful filtering software to ensure the quality of the material we access.  At home this may not be available.  Like all good home learning internet use is best done with, or at least directly monitored by, a responsible adult.  Children should remember to NEVER give their email address to anyone on the Internet.

The links included on this page are specifically for parents.  Please also look at the 'Bookmarks for Children' page, which is in the FAMILY section of the website.  This includes good links for your children and is updated regularly from our comprehensive lists to provide links that are relevant to the work currently being undertaken.


Sites to help you to help your children

Key Stage 2 SAT Revision Revision for the Key Stage 2 SAT tests.  A very good idea!  This site is listed in the 'Bookmarks for Children' list - but they might not tell you!
SOS Teacher Could be called SOS Parents!  You can submit questions about school work & homework or look at past questions.  Lots are covered including how to do fractions, decimals and percentages!


Links for Parents
Sites giving advice to parents.

Counselling Directory A support network to allow those who need to find suitable support
Families Working Together Information on the Lincolnshire programme
Family Information Services (Lincolnshire) Information about local childcare, disability services, working with children, leisure activities, children and family services, family benefits and entitlements, paying for childcare and Children's Centres
Familyrapp Online weekly parenting magazine providing thought provoking articles on education, health and drug issues along with a wealth of information on places to visit, family holidays, recommended reading for children and adults and daily recipes
Family Services Directory A broad base of information for Lincolnshire Parents including, at holiday times, information about activities for children and families
Nutrition Information on diet
Parent Centre Information about schools, the curriculum, topical issues and advice.  New October 2003.
Parent Centre guide to using computers & the internet Information about using the internet safely
Parents Topic Guides Another DfES site which gives information about some of the topics we cover.
Phoneme Pronunciation This is a link from You Tube which shows you the way in which the children learn to pronounce the phonemes
Safe Families for Children Support for families in crisis
Singapore Bar Method (1) This article takes you through the Singapore Bar Method from a basic to an advanced level
Singapore Bar Method (2) A useful article from the BBC outlining the method from the very beginning
Singapore Bar Method - examples Key examples
Software for Students Discounted software for students
T-mobile guidance on using mobiles Created with input and advice from the NSPCC and aimed at parents or carers who are purchasing a mobile phone for use by a child.
Talk to Your Baby Tips to help parents to develop language and communication skills

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Health Warning
We have tried to find some good starting points for web working with the children.  Please remember, however, that the web is exactly that.  Every site is linked to other sites (just as ours is) and once you leave our site it is simply impossible for us to check every link that might be made.  Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the suitability of the sites listed we cannot accept responsibility for any site managed by others or for the links it may contain.

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