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Is the Breakfast provision supported by outside agencies? We are very grateful to the  White Hart Inn, adjacent to the school, for their financial support of the Breakfast Club venture.
Is it possible to have breakfast in school? Members of Breakfast Club can take breakfast in school.
What is served? There is a selection of cereals, toast and fruit juice.  The options are chosen to be as healthy as possible.
At what time is breakfast served Breakfast is served between 8.20am and 8.30am.
Do all items get served to all pupils? Parents or guardians have to register their children for breakfasts.  They are required to let us know of any allergies or other requirements.  On the registration form the options from which the children can select can be indicated.
What is the cost? The cost is under continual review and is only intended to cover the costs of the ingredients.  Since January 2014 the breakfast served has been entirely sourced by Tennyson's Village Store which is based in the White Hart Inn (adjacent to the school).
Do my children have to take breakfast every day? No - you can take breakfasts whenever you wish.
Can the cost be added to my bill for Wrap Around Care and then paid using Wisepay Yes - this is the preferred method of payment.