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Last update of this page: Monday June 19, 2017 17:51

We would like to ask anyone attending events at school or visiting us to park with consideration for our neighbours and avoid making it difficult for them to enter or leave their properties.  Don't forget that the car park at the Hamilton Hall is a designated 'Park and Stride' site for the school!  If you need to make payment for any school activity please use either Wisepay if possible.  Under no circumstances should significant amounts of cash be given to pupils without the school being made aware in advance.

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Printable Calendars for the previous months this school year
(previous year in 'Back Catalogue' at the bottom of the page)
September 2016 Printable Calendar for September 2016 Correct on 1st September 2016
October 2016 Printable Calendar for October 2016 Correct on 1st October 2016
November 2016 Printable Calendar for November 2016 Correct on 1st November 2016
December 2016 Printable Calendar for December 2016 Correct on 1st December 2016
January 2017 Printable Calendar for January 2017 Correct on 3rd January 2017
February 2017 Printable Calendar for February 2017 Correct on 1st February 2017
March 2017 Printable Calendar for March 2017 Correct on 1st March 2017
April 2017 Printable Calendar for April 2017 Correct on 18th April 2017
May 2017 Printable Calendar for May 2017 Correct on 2nd May 2017
June 2017 Printable Calendar for June 2017 Correct on 5th June
Date Event
Dates below this point which relate to Goverors and PSFA are provisional and subject to confirmation at the AGM of each body
June 2017 20 School Councils event at Spilsby (our Y6 School Councillors attending)
  27 JB Sport KS1 Athletics Event at Bucknall (details to follow)
Governor Training session 7.00pm
  29 Governors' Afternoon
  30 Summer Extended School seven week block ends
PSFA Summer Fayre 5.00pm-7.00pm
July 2017 3 Year 5 Enterprise Day at Alford Grammar School
New Classes Morning for some year groups
  5 Class 3 trip to Gunby Hall
  6 Grammar Busters Final at Lincoln (to be confirmed)
NSPCC assemblies on Staying Safe Online
Family Afternoon
3.40-5.00pm (see Family Afternoon page for details)
Governors' Meeting 7.00pm
  11 PSFA meeting 7.00pm (re-scheduled from 8th June)
  13 Sports Day
  14 Sports Day (reserve date in case of poor weather on the Thursday)
  17 Leavers' Evening
  19 Final Assembly 2016/2017 9.30am
Last day of Term 6 - the last day that Mr Hyde and Mrs Hyde will be in school with pupils
  20 Staff Training Day
  21 Staff Training Day
Dates below this point which relate to Goverors and PSFA are provisional and subject to confirmation at the AGM of each body
September 2017 1 Mrs Wines takes up post as headteacher of the Edward Richardson Primary School
Staff Training Day
  4 Staff Training Day
  5 First day of Term 1
  13 PSFA AGM & full meeting 7.00pm
  21 Family Afternoon 3.40-5.00pm (see Family Afternoon page for details)
  27 Governors' AGM 7.00pm
  28 School Photographer in (am) - individual and family photographs
  29 Harvest Festival
October 2017 3 PSFA meeting 7.00pm
  6 Governors' Afternoon
  10 Governor Training session 7.00pm
  17 Help Your Child with Numeracy Evening 7.00pm
  20 Last day of Term 1
  31 First day of Term 2
November 2017 8 PSFA meeting 7.00pm
  14 Governors' Meeting 7.00pm
  22 Family Afternoon 3.40-5.00pm (see Family Afternoon page for details)
  29 Help Your Child with Literacy Evening 7.00pm
December 2017 1 PSFA Christmas Fayre (evening)
  11 Governors' Morning
  19 CarolService
Last day of Term 2
January 2018 3 First day of Term 3
  30 School Photographer
February 2018 9 Last day of Term 3
  19 First day of Term 4
March 2018 28 Last day of Term 4
April 2018 16 First day of Term 5
May 2018 7 Bank Holiday
  14 SATs Week (KS2)
  21 Residential week (later than normal due to Term 3 ending on a Wednesday)
  25 Last day of Term 5
June 2018 4 First day of Term 6
July 2018 20 Last day of Term 6
Please note that dates are included as a guide and, whilst every effort will be made to maintain them as published, may change due to unforeseen or extraneous circumstances


Back Catalogue of Printable Calendars
September 2015 Printable Calendar for September 2015 Correct on 1st September
October 2015 Printable Calendar for October 2015 Correct on 1st October
November 2015 Printable Calendar for November 2015 Correct on 1st November
December 2015 Printable Calendar for December 2015 Correct on 1st December
January 2016 Printable Calendar for January 2016 Correct on 1st January
February 2016 Printable Calendar for February 2016 Correct on 1st February
March 2016 Printable Calendar for March 2016 Correct on 1st March
April 2016 Printable Calendar for April 2016 Correct on 1st April
May 2016 Printable Calendar for May 2016 Correct on 1st May
June 2016 Printable Calendar for June 2016 Correct on 1st June
July 2016 Printable Calendar for July 2016 Correct on 1st July