Class 3 - Links

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General Links
This page contains links which may be of use for the children in Class 3 to use when they are on the computer at home.

Ask Jeeves for Kids Cooking with Kids Google Space - the Planets (Kid's Astronomy)


Indian Child Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service Mapwork - Ordnance Survey News
USA - World Atlas    

History - Egypt

British Museum Egypt - Akhet (Information on Egyptian life) Egypt - Akhet (mummy) (The process of mummification - click to find what lies beneath) Egypt - British Museum (information and games about Ancient Egypt)
Egypt - Egyptian Museum (treasures of Tutankhamen's tomb) Egypt - Hitchams (site by primary pupils about Ancient Egypt) Egypt - Gods Egypt - National Geographic (Tutankhamen's tomb)
Egypt - National Geographic (How a mummy was made) Egypt - Neferchichi (Egyptian clip art) Egypt - Pictures Egypt - Salariya (online book about Egypt - funny but not for the squeamish)
Egypt - Snaith (Snaith Primary Egyptian website)      

History - Romans

British Museum Know the Romans The Celts The Romans
The Romans (BBC) The Romans (Key Stage 2 - BBC) The Romans in Britain Roman Calculator
Romans (Museum of Scotland) School History Website    

History - The Tudors

The Tudors (1) The Tudors (2) The Tudors (3) The Tudors (4)

History - World War II

Aviation Heritage Centre World War II (1) History Place World War II (2) World War II (3)
World War II (4) World War II (5) World War II (6)  

Literacy & Numeracy

Fraction Game (BBC Skillswise) Juniors Oxford Owl  


The Creation Story Rama and Sita