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Which Parish Councils meet within the area served by the Edward Richardson School? The Parish Councils that meet within the area for which we are the designated school for transport are:
Belchford & Fulletby
Harrington (Parish Meeting)

There are many more villages and hamlets from which transport is provided but they do not, as far as we are aware, have a Parish Council or meeting.

What is the PSFA? The PSFA is the Parent, Staff & Friends Association.  It organises events to raise funds to support the school and gives an opportunity for families from our very widely spread community to meet and socialise.  There is a PSFA page on our website.
What is the Parent Shelter? The Parents Shelter is the shelter near the pedestrian gate.  It is located there to encourage parents to relax and chat at the beginning and end of the school day.  It has a notice board which is completed every Friday for the following week. 
What is Charity Week? We set aside a week every year, usually in the Autumn, where we focus upon a specific charity.  As you will appreciate we get many requests to support charities and we feel that it is important that our pupils understand the needs of others.  Equally we don't feel that it is right that parents should be inundated with requests.  We do participate in various high profile national appeals (such as Children in Need).
What does the school do within the community of Tetford? The school tries to maintain a link with organisations within the village.  David Bellamy visited school to help us plant our orchard when he was at Tetford Country Cottages.  Children from Class 4 visit Southwold Nursing Home every December to sing carols.  The management at Southwold have, in turn, been very generous in supporting the purchase of school flags!
What 'Pre-School' settings are there in the area? There are lots - check out the Pre-School page on our website.
What Secondary school settings are there in the area? There are lots - check out the Secondary Schools page on our website.
Is there a village website for Hagworthingham? Yes - check out the Hagworthingham Village website.
Is there a village website for Tetford? Yes - check out the Tetford Village website.
Is there a village website for other villages in our area? Not as far as I know - but if you know differently please get in touch as we would love to add the links to any village website for our designated villages!
Does the Hamilton Hall have a website? No - but information about booking can be found at the Community Lincs website