Drama Productions

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Drama is a key part of the expectations for English.  It allows pupils to develop their speaking and listening skills as well as providing an opportunity to experience acting and role play.  It promotes confidence as pupils learn to speak and act in public.  It promotes empathy as pupils learn to act the part of a 'different' person and understand their feelings and actions.  There is strong opportunity for musical skills to be enhanced and developed.  Pupils who have to learn a role need to assimilate it and memorise - key academic skills. The main channel for developing these skills is provided by our major drama productions which are usually performed in December. 

The production put on by Classes 1 and 2 follows the traditional Christmas theme and may be seen as part of the Christmas celebrations in the school.  The production put on by Classes 3 and 4 is often completely separate from the Christmas theme.  We choose to put it on at that time of year as the dark evenings allow better lighting effects but it should be seen as a key opportunity with planned educational merit.  We aim to reach a high standard with our productions and ensure that over the four years that the pupils spend in Key Stage 2 the demands on them will grow each year in just the same way as they do in any other area of the English curriculum.  Whilst the outcome might be an enjoyable show at Christmas this remains a crucial part of the education on offer in the school.

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