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We try to do as much communication as possible electronically.  We maintain electronic Distribution Lists for the whole school and individual year groups.  This allow us to send messages out as necessary with the following advantages:

1. Improved reliability:  Letters given to pupils do not always find their way to the required parents or guardians.  They might be left in the classroom or put down in the cloakroom as coats are put on at the end of the day.  They might be left on the bus or abandoned in the car...

2. Decreased cost:  Making a hard copy for each family of every letter is quite costly.  There is the cost of the paper, the photocopying and the staff time to do the copying.  This all adds up and any saving means greater resources to spend on the pupils.

3. Ease of response:  If you get a mail from us you can respond to it electronically - it is a two way communication in a way that the school newsletter can never be.

4. Keeping communication 'live' in the event of snow closures - work will be e-mailed to all families in the event of this happening.

At the moment about 70% of families receive communication by e-mail alone.  So, if we have convinced you to sign up, send an e-mail requesting to be added to the electronic mailing list to:
Often we send messages which contain a hyperlink to where the letter has been saved on the website.  This allows retrospecive access! Many letters from earlier in the year can be viewed on our Newsletters page (where they can be accessed as pdf files).