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The school flagpole features a wide variety of flags throughout the year.  The flag changes regularly and the children are quick to spot it and recognise many of the flags.  There is always a reason for the changes though - and many parents and carers join in the fun each day trying to guess the reason!

The flag flying in the picture is that of Bosnia - an event which featured in the Bosnian national press.  A translation of their article is included at the foot of this page.

If you are ever wondering why a particular flag has been flown check the developing list below.

Last Update (UK time):
Friday, 14 July 2017 10:07


Flags flown during the 2016/2017 school year - and the reason
Flag Date Reason
Bermuda Sept 4th Labour Day (5th)
Bulgaria Sept 7th Unification Day (6th)
Taiwan Sept 8th Mid Autumn Festival
Scotland Sept 9th Mary Queen of Scots crowned in 1543 (aged 9 months)
USA Sept 12th 9/11 (yesterday)
Spain Sept 13th Anniversary of the death of Philip II
Switzerland Sept 15th Visitor from Switzerland
Mexico Sept 16th Independence Day
Spain Sept 19th First European (a Spaniard) sees the west coast of America
France Sept 20th First Cannes Film Festival (1946)
United Nations Sept 21st International Day of Peace
Bulgaria Sept 22nd Independence Day
Cambodia Sept 23rd Constitution Day (24th)
New Zealand Sept 26th New Zealand becomes a Dominion (1907)
Greece Sept 27th King Constantine I abdicates (1922)
Taiwan Sept 28th Teachers Day
China Sept 29th National Day (1st Oct)
Lincolnshire Sept 30th Lincolnshire Day (1st Oct)
Germany Oct 3rd Unity Day
Italy Oct 4th St Francis' Day
Portugal Oct 5th Monarchy established 1910
Hungary Oct 6th Memorial Day foir the Martyrs of Arad
Croatia Oct 7th Independence Day
Taiwan Oct 10th National Day
Spain Oct 11th National Day
Republic of Ireland Oct 14th Birth of Eamon DeValera (1882)
St Lucia Oct 17th La Magwit
Brazil Oct 19th Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont flies round the Eifell Tower to win the first aviation prize (1,000)
Norway Oct 20th Roald Amundsen leaves the Bay of Whales for the South Pole (1911)
UK Oct 21st Trafalgar Day
Bulgaria Nov 1st Revival Leadership Day
Mauritius Nov 2nd Arrival of Indentured Labour Day
Russia Nov 4th Day of National Unity
Catalonia Nov 7th Treaty of the Pyrenees
UK Nov 11th Remembrance Day
Iceland Nov 14th Surtsey, a new island, is formed by a volcanic eruption (1963)
Brazil Nov 15th Brazil becomes a republic (1889)
Estonia Nov 16th Estonia rejects the Soviet constitution and adopts its own (1988)
Slovakia Nov 17th Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
Latvia Nov 18th National Day
Slovenia Nov 23rd Rudolf Maister Day
Netherlands Nov 24th Abel Tasman discovers Tasmania (1642)
Bosnia-Herzegovina Nov 25th Republic Day
Albania Nov 28th Independence Day
Philippines Nov 29th Bonifacio Day
Scotland Nov 30th St Andrew's Day
Romania Dec 1st Great Union Day
South Africa Dec 2nd Anniversary of the first heart transplant (on 3rd Dec)
Portugal Dec 5th Discovery of the abandoned Marie Celeste between the Azores and Portugal (1872)
Finland Dec 6th Independence Day
India Dec 7th Armed Forces Day
Macedonia (FYR) Dec 8th St Kliment Ohridsa's Day
Sweden Dec 9th Anniversary of the first Nobel Peace Prize (1901)
Kenya Dec 12th Independence Day
Norway Dec 13th St Lucy's Day
Germany Dec 14th Max Planck unveils his theory of energy (1900)
Netherlands Dec 15th Kingdom Day
South Africa Dec 16th Day of Reconciliation
Denmark Dec 19th Vitus Bering, discoverer of Alaska, dies (1741)
Lithuania Dec 20th Lithuanian Communist party votes to leave the Soviet Union (1989)
Myanmar Jan 4th Independence Day
Czech Republic Jan 5th Dubcek becomes the secretary of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party (1968) and attempts to break with USSR
Russia Jan 6th New Year on the Julian Calendar (which was used until 1914)
Bosnia-Herzegovina Jan 9th Republic Day
India Jan 10th Indian tea was first auctioned in Great Britain today in 1839
Albania Jan 11th Dethroning of King Zog (1946)
Austria Jan 12th Beethoven is given a guaranteed income - as long as he stays in Vienna (1809)
Taiwan Jan 13th President Chiang Ching-kuo dies (1988)
Norway Jan 17th Scott reaches the South Pole - only to see this flag (1912)
France Jan 18th The Paris Peace Conference begins (1919)
India Jan 19th Indira Gandhi becomes the first female leader of India
Barbados Jan 20th Errol Barrow Day (21st)
Netherlands Jan 23rd Independence Day
Canada Jan 24th A Russian satellite crashes to Earth near Yellowknife (1976)
Scotland Jan 25th Burns Night
Australia Jan 26th Australia Day
Bosnia-Herzegovina Jan 27th St. Sava's Day
France Jan 30th Yves St Laurent opens his first major show in Paris (1958)
Austria Jan 31st Schubert born 1797
Mauritius Feb 1st Abolition of Slavery Day
Sicily Feb 2nd Almond Blossom Festival in town of Agrigento
Portugal Feb 3rd Bartolomeu Dias lands at Mossel Bay, east of the Cape, and becomes first European to land in the region (1488)
New Zealand Feb 6th Waitingi Day
Norway Feb 8th Narvik Sun Pageant Day
Australia Feb 9th Source of the Murray River discovered (1830)
Canada Feb 10th Upper and Lower Canada unite (1840)
Sweden Feb 20th In recognition of nothing happening in Sweden despite 'fake news' to the contrary from America!
China Feb 21st US President Nixon visits in 1972 to promote world peace
Austria Feb 22nd Niki Lauda born (1949)
Estonia Feb 24th Independence Day
Austria Feb 27th Rudolf Steiner, educationalist, born (1861)
Finland Feb 28th Kalevala Day
Wales Mar 1st St. David's Day
Germany Mar 2nd Kurt Weill, composer, born 1900
Bulgaria Mar 3rd Liberation Day
Albania Mar 7th Teachers' Day
Ukraine Mar 8th Women's Day
Republic of Ireland Mar 9th De Valera elected President (1932)
Japan Mar 10th Foundation Day
France Mar 13th Opening of Charles de Gaulle Airport (1974)
Switzerland Mar 14th Einstein born (1879)
Hungary Mar 15th National Day
Finland Mar 16th Feast Day of St Urho, patron saint of Finland , who never actually existed
Republic of Ireland Mar 17th Saint Patrick's Day
Japan Mar 20th John Lennon and Yoko Ono marry (1969)
Mexico Mar 21st Birth of Benito Juarez (president of Mexico) 1806
Albania Mar 22nd Nevruz Day
Spain Mar 23rd Birth of Juan Gris, cubist painter, 1887
Bulgaria Mar 24th Education Day
Bangladesh Mar 27th Independence Day (26th)
France Mar 28th The first seaplane flies at Marseilles
Sweden Mar 29th King Gustavus III dies (1792)
Austria Mar 30th Melanie Klein, renowned psychiastrist, born 1882
Germany Mar 31st Daimler names his latest car after his daughter, Mercedes (1901)
Republic of Ireland Apr 18th The Republic of Ireland Act comes into force (1949)
Germany Apr 19th The Reichstag reopens as the German parliament (1999)
Spain Apr 20th Birth of Miro, artist (1889)
United Kingdom Apr 21st The 91st birthday of Queen Elizabeth II
England Apr 24th St George's Day (23rd)
Sicily Apr 25th Artichoke Festival
Portugal Apr 26th First free elections for fifty years (1970)
South Africa Apr 27th Freedom Day
Barbados Apr 28th National Heroes Day
Scotland May 2nd First reported sighting of the Loch Ness Monster (1933)
Poland May 3rd Constitution Day
Taiwan May 4th Literacy Day
Netherlands May 5th Liberation Day
UK May 8th VE Day
EU May 9th Europe Day
Iceland May 10th Lokadagur
Germany May 11th Anniversary of the end of the Berlin blockade in 1949 (12th)
Cambodia May 12th King Sihamani's birthday (13th)
Portugal May 15th Winners of Eurovision Song Contest
France May 16th A bull is tried and convicted of 'furiously killing a boy' (1499)
Norway May 17th Constitution Day
Japan May 18th Junko Tabei becomes first woman to climb Everest (1975)
Turkey May 19th Commemoration of Ataturk Day
Hungary May 22nd National Defence Day
UK May 23rd- May 26th In respect for the victims of the Manchester attack
Denmark June 5th Constitution Day
UK June 6th In respect for the victims of the London attack
Sweden June 7th National Day (6th)
Slovenia June 8th Trimoz Trubar Day
Philippines June 9th Flag Days
Netherlands June 12th Anne Frank is born (1929)
Macedonia (FYR) June 13th Death of Alexander the Great of Macedon (323 BC)
Belgium June 14th Belgium is united with the Netherlands (1814)
Denmark June 15th Valdemarsdag
South Africa June 16th Youth Day
Hungary June 19th Day of Independent Hungary
Bermuda June 20th National Heroes Day
Finland June 21st Flag Day
Croatia June 22nd Day of the Antifascist Struggle
Luxembourg June 23rd National Day
UK June 26th Veteran's Day
Japan June 27th The Yen is introduced as the Japanese currency (1871)
Poland June 29th Anniversary of the death of Paderewski (pianist, composer and statesman)
China June 30th Hong Kong reverts to China (1997)
Canada July 3rd Canada Day (1st July)
USA July 4th Independence Day
Isle of Man July 5th Tynwald Day
Sweden July 6th Swedes land at Peenemunde
Catalonia July 6th Visitor with Catalonian links
Finland July 7th First 'World Wife Carrying Championships' (1996)
Republic of Ireland July 10th Dublin founded (988 AD)
Bahamas July 11th Independence Day
Catalonia July 12th Visitor with Catalonian links
Montenegro July 13th Statehood Day
France July 14th Bastille Day
What comes next?    
Is there a flag you would like to see flown?  Please ask.  If we've got it and the reason fits the bill we will fly it for you.  If we haven't got it and you give us enough warning you can sponsor it (most of the flags we use cost less than 5).  National and regional flags only.  I have been banned by the staff from buying a Wolverhampton Wanderers flag so everyone else is banned from such frivolity too!

To be listed above a flag will be flying at 9.00am.  Occasionally an obvious flag opportunity may be missed due to the weather or they may be taken down during the day - excessive water or wind will damage the flags.  We apologise for the disappointment this may cause.

You can check out flags for identification on the World Flag Database


Article in the Bosnian national press (Dnevni Avaz - by far the most popular paper in Bosnia)
After four years of living in Sarajevo with her English husband and two children, Sanja Ferrari returned to England. She enrolled her children back into Edward Richardson Primary School in Tetford, where they initially started their primary school education before going to Bosnia.
On their first day at school, they had a surprise waiting for them. "I brought the children to the school and I saw a Bosnian flag on the school flagpole! I was pleasantly surprised by this wonderful act of kindness by the school director, Mr Andrew Hyde and it made me very emotional. The flag remained on the pole for the rest of the week as a support to my children and me" said Mrs Ferrari.