South Coast Residential 2014 - Gallery

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This gallery contains pictures from the South Coast Residential (based in Bournemouth) in 2014.


In the ruins of the old cathedral (Coventry) Finding out about the Blitz (Coventry)
Mrs Lee invades through the Sally Port (Corfe Castle) Studying castle architecture (Corfe Castle)
The village square (Corfe) The old station - with the remarkably slim controller's group (Corfe)
Preparing to enter service (Beaulieu) And this is how one polishes the silver (Beaulieu)
Stand straight in the kitchen - Miss Clark says so (Beaulieu) Where to now, M'lady? (Beaulieu)
Meeting new friends (Monkey World) Who don't like the look of us... (Monkey World)
At least it's not raining (Stonehenge) Looking at ancient artefacts - the rocks, not Mr Hyde (Stonehenge)