India Gallery 2012

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This gallery features pictures from January/February 2012 when Mr Hyde and Mrs Hyde made the long journey to Chennai to visit the Calibre Acade,y (formerly the Mrs YGP School).  We were accompanied by Mr Brown, the  Chairman of Governors, at his own expense.  Staff from the Calibre Academy have visited the Edward Richardson school in September 2009, 2010, 2011 and September 2012  - following fact finding visits prior to the beginning of our work together.


We observed an excellent mathematical investigation lesson An inter-school event focused upon environmental issues
A view of a stall on the beach by the Indian Ocean Mrs 'Neptune' Hyde attempts to hold back the Indian Ocean - all to no avail as my trousers were soaked by the next wave
A music lesson at the Calibre Academy A nearby state school entertained us with some magnificent singing and dancing
The Calibre Academy pupils sang for our pupils - note that the pupil holding the microphone is wearing an Edward Richardson Primary polo shirt The pupils gave a presentation about our project on bugs