Healthy School Award

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We are proud to be a fully accredited Healthy School.  Following the continuous achievement of the status of Healthy School over many years a Whole School Review was completed in 2013 to maintain our current Healthy Schools status.  This will be followed up with a further review in 2015.

The national 'Healthy Schools Award' promotes the health and well-being of pupils and staff through a well-planned curriculum in a physical and emotional environment that promotes learning and healthy lifestyle choices focused on the four core themes of:   Personal, Social and Health Education/Citizenship; Healthy Eating; Emotional Health and Wellbeing and Physical Activity.

Central to the National Healthy Schools Programme is the Whole School Approach.  Achieving National Healthy School Status recognises that being healthy is not just about children and young people, it is about our whole school community.  Itís not just what happens in the curriculum, itís about the entire school day (including the food which is on offer at lunch time, eating only fresh fruit at break times and the promotion of outside interests through a balanced programme of Extended School activities).  The School Council, at the outset of this intiative and in consultation with parents and carers, suggested that packed lunches should not include sweets or chocolate bars.  All parties agreed to this and it was adopted as our standard.  Since that time ongoing year groups have been made aware of this on induction and have respected the decision.  Through adopting this approach we aim to ensure full engagement with the school community and secure sustainable improvements.  We are grateful to all concerned for their support in maintaining the standard.