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These pictures were sent to school during the 2015 submission.  They are in 'albums' by continent.  They carry the number to correspond with the number of the e-mail on the 'Dates List'. Some are missing - this may be because the e-mail had no photograph or it may be because the photograph featured people and I haven't been given the go ahead to add it.
Africa Album Antarctica Album Asia Album Europe Album
North America (excluding USA) Album South America Album Oceania Album Tetford School Album
USA Album Schools Around the World Album    
We hope you enjoy looking at the information and photographs - and watching it develop.  It's a great opportunity to get the maps out (or look at online maps) and find places.  If one pupil develops the love of geography that I have then it will have been a successful project!


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From which countries are people logging on to our webpage? This information contains the locations of all internet users who have accessed this page since 9th December 2014.
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New entries come in at the top of the list of countries with one hit.
Top 17 - 30th June 2015
Figures in brackets after the country name indicate relative movement in the last month. Those after the total represent the increase during June for those that ranked in top 17 at the end of May. A (-) shows that the country did not rank in the 17 at that time.
Great Britain 1,086  (+55)
USA 231 (+3)
Australia 62 (+1)
Republic of Ireland (+) 38 (5)
Canada (-) 37 (0)
Spain 22 (0)
Germany 20 (0)
New Zealand 15 (+1)
Hungary 14 (0)
India 11 (0)
UAE 11 (0)
South Africa 10 (0)
Ecuador (+) 6 (-)
Italy (-) 6 (0)
France (-) 6 (0)
Indonesia (-) 6 (0)
Cambodia (-) 6 (0)