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They are in 'albums' by continent.  They carry the number to correspond with the number of the e-mail on the 'Dates List'. Some are missing - this may be because the e-mail had no photograph or it may be because the photograph featured people and I haven't been given the go ahead to add it.
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I hope you enjoy looking at the information and photographs - and watching it develop.  It's a great opportunity to get the maps out (or look at online maps) and find places.  If one pupil develops the love of geography that I have then it will have been a successful project!
A.Hyde (Headteacher and International School Coordinator)


Our school was a recipient of the International School Award in 2012 for three years and for the fourth time.  We were very proud to be the first Lincolnshire primary school ever to receive the award four times.  This challenge is evidence for our 2015-2018 application which will retain our status as a lead school not only within the county but within the whole East Midlands region.  For full information on what we did and how people took part scroll to the bottom of the page!

The following is a list of locations OUTSIDE THE UK from which an e-mail has been sent to Mr Hyde.  Messages, hopefully, contain a photograph taken through a window so that our pupils can see what the world looks like.  Please note that the list is of locations of origin of the e-mail, not of the photograph (though the two will usually be the same).  Full details are at the bottom of this page.  Please feel free to forward them to people who might contact us.  If you are looking on this page please let me know your thoughts so that I can consider adding them to our evaluation in July (e-mail

Last Update (UK time): Wednesday, 01 July 2015 13:15

Final Totals 30th June 2015

Total number of message locations


Messages have been received from:

Countries / Territories 104
Continents 7

More statistics for those that like them:

Continent Breakdown (message origin total)
  Message Locations Countries or
Africa 35 14
Antarctica 1 1
Asia 97 32
Europe 128 31
North America 167 15
Oceania 80 5
South America 21 9
States & Provinces (where relevant)
Australian States 8
Canadian Provinces 7
US States 36
Who is Getting Involved?
All Stakeholders who have been nominated in, or sent, at least one mail. 62.9%
Pupils who have been nominated in, or sent, at least one mail.
Families in school who have been nominated in, or sent, at least one mail. 63.1%
Staff members who have been nominated in, or sent, at least one mail.
Governors, other than staff or parents, who have been nominated in, or sent, at least one mail. 40.0%


How are we doing in comparison with our own previous international challenges?
  2006 2009 2012 2015
(so far)
Needed to set a new record
Messages 56 173 223 529 Record beaten on 13.01.15
Countries/ Territories 31 56 74 103 Record beaten on 19.01.15


Flag Counter
From which countries are people logging on to our webpage? This information contains the locations of all internet users who have accessed this page since 9th December 2014.
Map of Visitor Locations Flag Count List of Visitors
Flag Counter Flag Counter

New entries come in at the top of the list of countries with one hit.
Top 17 - 30th June
Figures in brackets after the country name indicate relative movement in the last month. Those after the total represent the increase during June for those that ranked in top 17 at the end of May. A (-) shows that the country did not rank in the 17 at that time.
Great Britain 1,086  (+55)
USA 231 (+3)
Australia 62 (+1)
Republic of Ireland (+) 38 (5)
Canada (-) 37 (0)
Spain 22 (0)
Germany 20 (0)
New Zealand 15 (+1)
Hungary 14 (0)
India 11 (0)
UAE 11 (0)
South Africa 10 (0)
Ecuador (+) 6 (-)
Italy (-) 6 (0)
France (-) 6 (0)
Indonesia (-) 6 (0)
Cambodia (-) 6 (0)
Click on the flag counter or map to find out lots more interesting information (from '') about the countries from which people are accessing our site and when they are visiting.  'Flag Counter' is counting the people who visit our International Window Challenge pages, not the messages themselves.  By the end of the challenge on 30th June the counter had been viewed an amazing 4,007 times by  1,712 visitors!
Latest Information: 
Please note that this may be slightly out of date as it's a 'live' counter and there may have been more 'hits' since I last updated the page.
- Total number of countries from which we have had one hit or more: 75
- Most recent additions:  Ghana and the Philippines (more might have been added since I checked as it's a 'live' counter). 

A Flag Promise
At the end of the project I undertake to ensure that the top ten flags on the list of hits and the top ten countries on the messages list will (if we haven't already got them) be bought and featured on the School Flagpole next school year.  Go on - boost your favourite country!


Thank you all for your support - it's taking me hours but it is fascinating geography and, as a geographer, I'm enjoying it!

In a similar challenge in 2006 we received 59 messages from 31 countries.  In 2009 this increased to 173 messages from 56 countries and by 2012 we achieved 223 messages from 74 countries.  The first two challenges were e-mails only but the third asked for a recipe typical of the country of origin (from which we then made an International Cook Book).

Our aim is to see if our best total is beatable even with the addition of the need to include a photograph (preferably through a window)...  We are also keen to find out which locations can be the origin of the mails and from how many countries we can achieved 'hits' on this webpage.

This time I have added far more content to the webpages.  A lot of this is data and the aim is to stimulate interest and enable discussion about the progress of the challenge at home with pupils and adults.  Whilst it is foremost a geographical exercise the data will, I hope, allow discussion of many other area - especially maths.  Please let me know if you are finding the pages interesting (or otherwise).  Your comments will be helpful when we submit our International School Award evaluation in July.  Please e-mail!


Full Information about our Challenge:

We are requesting e-mails from around the world.  The information below was sent out to stakeholders in October 2014 (please forward the section in italics to anyone who may be able to help):

As you may be aware our school holds the International School Award (2012-2015).  When we received this award in 2012 we were the first primary in the East Midlands to have been four times recipients.  We now need to begin preparing our submission for 2015!


We always like to include an e-mail challenge.  Last time we asked for e-mails to be sent to school (my inbox) with recipes from around the world.  The idea was to ask all friends of the school to mail any contacts they have beyond the UK and ask them to mail in.  We then kept a map of the point of origin of each mail and counted the mails, countries and continents.  Our 2012 challenge drew 223 responses from 74 countries, which will take a bit of beating…


This time we are once again asking you to e-mail your family, friends and colleagues around the world (or ask others to do this for you) and ask them to mail in.  The challenge is called ‘Through the Window’ and is aimed at getting our pupils to understand how different, and how similar, different parts of the world are.  People sending in a mail are asked to either take a picture looking out through a window and send it to us electronically or to just list a few of the most significant things which they can see through the window of their choice. The location of the message is the key  piece of information which will be logged and should be the same as the location of the picture.  Thus different contributors can send messages from different locations around the world but they must actually BE THERE at the time of sending them.  The challenge will run up until the end of June 2015.


Please feel free to use the text below (obviously adding your own explanation):


The Edward Richardson Primary School in Tetford, England, are working towards the ‘International School Award’ for the fifth time.  If successful they will be one of the first schools in the UK to achieve this.


To help with this aim the school are trying to get as many responses as possible to their ‘Through the Window Challenge’.  If you are willing to help please send an e-mail to the headteacher ( and include:


1.  Your name (this will not be published anywhere)

2. Your location (country and nearest town from which the e-mail has been sent – if relevant also state or similar)   This is the location which will be logged on our website and should be the same as the location of the photo (see below)

3. The name of the pupil (or family of pupils) in our school who has requested your mail (they will receive a certificate as a result of your mail) - no more than one family can be nominated in one e-mail

4. Either: A digital photo of the view through a window near to where you live (it doesn’t have to be your own window and will be displayed to show how different locations around the world are both different from and similar to our own)

Or: A list of a few of the most significant things which you can see through the window of your choice (these will be similarly displayed)

5. Any other information you may wish to share with the school


Your location (from which the mail is sent) will be counted toward our total and added to a large map in the school and listed on a page on the school website (the link to which will be sent to you in a personal reply).  It's the number and source of e-mail locations that we are counting, not the number and location of photographs!

You can see what we have done so far by logging on to:


Thank you all in anticipation of your support.  We are all enjoying an exciting E-mail Challenge and a fascinating period of international work p to July 2015.


The challenge started on 18th October 2014 and lasts until midnight on the last day of June 2015.  We set an original target of FIFTY emails from fifty different locations around the world.  By the beginning of December this target had been upgraded to 250.  On 9th December a flag counter was added which allowed pupils to see where in the world people were logging on to this page.

The number of e-mails achieved in a similar challenge in 2012 originally seemed to be beyond out reach although by 7th December we had already exceeded 100, by the 15th December we surpassed 150 we reached 200 on 11th January and surpassed our 2012 total of 223 just two days later on 13th January.  By the end of February we had surpassed 400 e-mails and by the end of February we were just 25 short of 500.