Parent Consultation

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We have a variety of methods to share information with parents and guardians about the education of the pupils:

1. Parent Consultation Evening
In our Parent Consultation Evenings the parents of each child have the chance to have a timetabled and private discussion with the class teacher.  You will appreciate that, whilst each appointment is only ten minutes in duration, this takes a long time to complete.  Whilst very demanding upon the time of the staff it does not really give much time to discuss the pupils.  It is clearly an important part of the school year but not an ideal method of sharing information.  The progress made by all pupils is tracked in detail and we are always happy to discuss their educational developments.

2. Family Afternoons
These are more about sharing the experience with the pupils and including the parents and guardians.  Whilst staff are available detailed discussions are not the intended outcome and it is not the ideal forum for these.  More information can be found on our Family Afternoon page.

3. Open Door Policy
This does not actually refer to the school door, as security is paramount.  It refers to the concept that our door will always be opened to the parents and guardians of the pupils.  This means that you can come in to talk to the staff at any mutually convenient time.