Sport Premium

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What is the Sport Premium? The Sport Premium is an additional layer of funding received by schools. 
How much does our school receive? 2013/2014 £8,500
2014/2015 £8,275
2015/2016 £8,495
2016/2017 October 2015: £4,995
April 2016: £3,540
Indicative total: £8,535
How is the 2015/2016 Sports Premium money being spent? At the Edward Richardson Primary School the Sport Premium funding is deployed to achieve the following aims:
1. Allow access to new sports.  Sports coaches are not used to provide the experiences which we already cover well.  New sports will widen the experience of the children and give them a thirst for sports which can be met by joining clubs in the area.  This type of expenditure can be used both within and beyond the school day.
2. Expanding and developing the expertise of our staff.
3. Taking part in tournaments.
4. Developing the inclusion of all pupils in sports and sporting activity.  With the younger children this can include informal work with them to give them the confidence and enthusiasm to take part in playground games.

The aims are addressed in the following ways:
1. We employ a locally based PE, games and sports specialist to deliver Games based lessons.  From the beginning of the 2016/2017 school year these are for all children across the school (previously we had focused upon Key Stage 2).  This is for two afternoons per week.  The games developed are carefully planned at the beginning of the year and staff remain with the specialist to learn from them.  The specialist is not used for class cover or PPA time.  This achieves the first two aims above.
3. Football coaching has been developed through the school.
4. We have been involved in more, and more varied, competitions.  We have been very successful in many of these.
5. Transport to take part in competitive matches and tournaments is paid for from the PE Premium.
6. Additional sports equipment has been purchased.
7. Extended School activities aim to include sports which would not normally be covered by a primary teacher (eg judo) and thereby to develop awareness and inclusion in such sports through local clubs.  These activities are often very expensive to provide and the PE Premium allows us to subsidise the cost.
8. Additional adult support at break and lunch times with a member of staff taking specific responsibility for encouraging inclusion and development of skills (the 'Sports Leader').  Pupils are often much more keen to join a game if a member of staff is playing too and this can therefore promote the inclusion of the more reluctant pupils and also the develop knowledge and enthusiasm for different games.

Our expenditure on PE has often been in excess of the amount of the grant.
How was the Sports Premium grant spent in previous years? The broad aims have remained broadly similar throughout the period of the PE grant.  We began with an audit of our PE and Games equipment and invested in this as an initial priority.  This is clearly not an ongoing requirement and represented a different priority from ensuing years.  Equipment was 'front loaded' in our plan.  Thus in 2013/2014 less of the grant was spent on specialist provision which was provided on a more informal basis.  The year 2014/2015 set the blueprint for our current expenditure plans.
How are the Governors involved? A School Governor was identified at the outset and planned the expenditure with the Headteacher and in consultation with the PE Subject Leader.
How about the provision before the Sports Premium? The school has always given a high priority to sports and has had a number of local coaches who have been involved in developing sports.  These coaches have continued to spend time in the school and have been planned to dovetail with the new coaching provided through the Sports Premium.  Staff have always, and continue to, demonstrate and enthusiasm for and love of sport.  Swimming has always been a key component of our curriculum  with the school running its own pool.
Which new sports have been experienced? These have included volleyball, tag rugby, bocha and new age kurling,
Do sports feature in the after school provision? Yes.  Recent Extended School activities have incuded football (throughout the year), netball, cross country running, and gymnastics.   Bikeability is offered to all pupils in Year 5 using an external provider to lead the sessions.
How has the Sports Premium made a difference? We monitor uptake participation in sporting activity beyond the school day and this has increased over recent years.  Local clubs have indicated that pupils have joined the club after experiencing the activity in school.  The amount of time spent on sport in the school week has increased and the variety of sports experienced by the children is greater.  Staff have developed their knowledge of a broader range of sports.  In competitions our school frequently acquit ourselves very well against much larger schools.  All of this impacts on the need for suitable PE & Games Kit (check out the page for more details).

CPD for staff through observing specialist teachers.

Pupils accessing a broader range of sports through the purchasing of new equipment and through the interschool sporting events e.g. new age kurling, hockey.

Pupilsí self-esteem and confidence developed through participation in a wide range of sports

Enhanced provision of competitive sports.

Further development of cross curricular links particularly science and mathematics.

Developing partnership with other schools through competitions.

After school clubs well attended.

Team skills developed across all year groups.

Structured play modelled by staff