The Postcard Project

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As part of our international work for 2015/2016 we are undertaking a 'Postcard Project'.  Our children have made postcards from our school.  These are standard postcard size (148mm x 105mm) and feature views from around the school.  On the back is a message from the children, written by them, describing the scene on the postcard.  This gives recipients the chance to see what are school is like and to read more about it from the perspective of a member of our community.

These postcards have been made for an exchange project with our UK partner school (Oaklands School in Tower Hamlets, London).  The idea is that the receiving school will then reciprocate by sending us similar postcards which we can display in school.  The pictures and the description will highlight the similarities and differences between the two schools.

As a school with a highly developed International Dimension we are often approached by schools in many parts of the world who would like to work with us.  This project, which is computer based, will allow our postcards to be duplicated and sent to as many schools as might be interested.  This will allow us to maximise our opportunity to contrast our own school with schools elsewhere in the United Kingdom and the World.
When does the Postcard Challenge run? The project will run until the end of the school year (31st August 2016)
My school would like to take part - what should we do? Please use this link to email our headteacher
Is the number of schools with which the Edward Richardson Primary can complete this project limited? There is no numerical limit but we might be limited by practicality...
Is this for schools only? Yes - we want to find out what schools are like in other locations
Is participation limited to primary schools? No - we are keen to hear from schools in any phase from aged 2 to 18
How will the school use this project as an educational resource? The pictures, and the writing which accompanies them, will be a resource for all schools involved to use to allow them to consider ways in which schools are similar and the ways they differ and to hypothesise as to why this may be.  The pictures will be a strong stimulus for class discussion and consideration.