Residential Trip - Llandudno

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The 2015 Residential Trip to North Wales was, as usual, based in Llandudno.

Each day we visit venues in the area which support the work that we are doing, or have done, in Years 4, 5 and 6.

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This year we stayed at the Kinmel Hotel on the seafront.  It was an excellent hotel for a school residential.  The rooms were of a good quality and the food was exceptional.  The children had choices for breakfast and again for their evening meal.  The choices were amazing.  There was a full roast meal on three evenings and the alternatives included trout and salmon.  The staff of the hotel were very supportive and amenable.  The 'Pupil Voice' comments below certainly echo these views!



Monday 23th March 2015 A summary of venues and hyperlinks for the day.
Tuesday 24th March 2015 A summary of venues and hyperlinks for the day.
Wednesday 25th March 2015 A summary of venues and hyperlinks for the day.
Thursday 26th March 2015 A summary of venues and hyperlinks for the day.
Friday 27th March 2015 A summary of venues and hyperlinks for the day.

Read the Itinerary for the North Wales Residential 2015.


Pupil Voice
On the way home we asked the pupils to write a sentence (or two) about their experiences.  Here are a few extracts!  I have included everyone.
Year 6
To be honest I think it was absolutely perfect (especially the zoo). I enjoyed Conwy Castle.  It was really interesting.  So was the National Waterways Museum.
I loved Residential.  I enjoyed sharing a room with my friends.  Thank you for giving me a great time! The school should definitely return to that hotel.  It's the best!
My favourite part was learning about the Bronze Age Copper Mines.
Thank you so much for everything you have done this week.  Thank you for giving me a chance to share a room with my friend.  This is a Residential I will remember for ever! I really enjoyed going on Residentials.  Sadly this is my last one.  Personally I think this trip is the best one ever because I found it really, really fun.  Thank you so much! (Y6)
I love going away with school to different places because it is fun and I love learning things. I think this year was the best.  I really enjoyed it all.  My favourite bit was the Bronze Age Copper Mine.
It was awesome.  The hotel was the best! One of the best Residentials ever!
This has been the best Residential ever.  There is nothing I would change. The zoo was fantastic!
Year 5
I like the Residential Trips because you get to be independent and be with your friends. I loved the hotel!
I loved Residential.  I really loved the zoo that we went to. I loved the hotel and the food was really nice.  My best bit was the zoo and my second best was the tram.  I hope that I can come again!
This was the most amazing Residential ever.  My best bit was the Great Orme and I would love to come again. I loved this Residential.  My favourite part was the zoo.  The hotel was great - I loved the food.  I would love to go to Wales again (if I could).
The mine was amazing.  Going in was awesome. I thought the Residential was fantastic and I really enjoyed the Bronze Age Copper Mine and also the Slate Museum.  The hotel was very nice and the beds were comfortable.
I loved it.  This was the best year ever.  See you next year! This was the best year ever.  I would like to go to bed even later and have a lie in in the mornings.
It was my first time on Residential and I loved it.  I liked the zoo because I loved meeting new animals. I liked the hotel because of the really good food.  We saw some great views!
I think that the best thing about Residential is the great views and the amazing facts that we learn A perfect trip - particularly the zoo!
Year 4
My favourite part was going to the zoo and seeing all of the animals. I loved Residential and I will come again next year.
My favourite part was Electric Mountain. I really enjoyed the Residential this year.  The places we visited were all great fun.  I'm going to go again next year.  I can't wait!  Thank you Mr and Mrs Hyde.
I've had a really good time on Residential.  I really liked the zoo. I liked the food.  I would like to have another trip like this.  Thank you!