The School Council

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We’re the School Council and we welcome you to our page which we have written ourselves.

The School Council members, elected from the pupils in each class, look through all the suggestions given by pupils deciding what's a silly idea (and we do get a few) and what are really good and achievable ideas.  Once we’ve discussed and chosen the best idea (no rushing this..) the Year 6 council members go and tell the suggestion to our headteacher oand explain why we think our chosen option is a good idea.

The School Council is here to give everyone a choice in what they think should happen.  Our aim is to make the school an even better place.  We decide on new equipment and new features for our school (within reason).  We want to make school the most enjoyable place possible by giving everyone a say in what goes on.   We hold regular meetings, which we organise ourselves, and look through a box called SCHOOL COUNCIL SUGGESTIONS.  We call it this because it’s for suggestions that any pupil can make to The School Council. That’s when we start to make some choices.

The staff are always willing to discuss the ways in which things are done and this helps us to consider our ideas.  We have made a number of suggestions.