Secondary Schools

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Our school serves a very wide geographical area.  Each village has 'designated' secondary schools to which the Local Education Authority provides transport.  For the majority of our villages these are the schools in Horncastle but for some it may be Alford, Spilsby or Louth.  Whilst parents do have the right to express a preference for any secondary schools they should be aware of the way in which places will be allocated and that they will be responsible for transport to any school other than that which is designated by the Local Education Authority.  Information concerning secondary transfer will be made available each year by the Local Authority to parents of children reaching the end of Year 5.  Online applications can be made at:

Telephone applications can also be made by calling: 01522 782030.

In most parts of Lincolnshire, including East Lindsey, a system of secondary selection is in use.  During Year 6 (the final year at our school) the children are selected to attend either a grammar or a secondary modern school. The option exists for parents to withdraw their children from the selection procedure. 

We put on a meeting for parents of Year 5 pupils each year to give information about the procedures.  Year 5 parents are encouraged to attend this meeting!  Information can be viewed on the Secondary Transfer page.


This table lists the main schools which we feed and provides links to their websites (where they have given permission for such a link) so that parents may browse into these to find out more about the options which are available.  There are, of course, other excellent secondary options slightly further afield!
School Town
Banovallum School Horncastle
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle
John Spendluffe School Alford
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Alford
King Edward VI School Spilsby
Monk's Dyke Tennyson College Louth
Cordeaux School Louth
King Edward VI Grammar School Louth