Secondary Transfer

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The procedures for the allocation of secondary school places begin each year in September for admission in the following September.  That means that parents of children in Year 5 will be being asked questions about choices before the end of the school year.

We run a meeting every year to go through the procedures and offer some thoughts and advice.  The meeting this is usually held in January (the date can be checked on the Calendar page). 

Parents who have had older siblings who have already gone through the procedure will have a fair idea of the content of the meeting and experience of the process but the procedure does tend to have slight variations each year.  I carry out an annual review of my PowerPoint presentation in view of this…

During the period when parents are asked to make their choices for secondary education we are always willing to discuss options with parents.  What is best for a child will, of course, depend upon the child and our advice will vary accordingly.  Our support to parents, however, will remain the same!

The meeting focuses upon the procedures.  It does not recommend one school or another.  This, of course, is a decision to be made by the individual parents.  Our page on Secondary Schools lists the schools to which most pupils resident in our area may be eligible for transport and provides links to their websites where possible.