Sponsored Pupil in India

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We have, for some years, sponsored the education of a child in a part of India that does not enjoy the standard of living that we do - nor that of our partner school in India.  It is important that our pupils are aware that not all are as fortunate as they are and that they can do things to help.  The sponsorship is supported by the PSFA.  When we do our major performances at Christmas we ask for a donation from those who come to watch and this is used to support our pupil.  Any excess is donated to a charity with relevance to the school members.

Our child is called Bunty Kumar.  He was born on 17th March 2006 and has two brothers.  He lives in Patna which is in the Bihar state, one of the poorest in India.  It is in the north of India not far from Nepal.  He is our second pupil and we began our sponsorship of him in 2012 having seen our former sponsored pupil (Midhuna Balan from Pathanamthitta in Karala province in the far south west of India) all the way through to the conclusion of her period of sponsorship.

Whilst we have not been able to visit our pupils in person during the life of our Global School Project with our partner school, the Calibre Academy in Chennai, (India is a big and diverse country) we have taken the opportunity to visit state run school for the less advantaged during our working visits there.  We have found the determination of their pupils and staff inspiring!

The sponsorship is completed through 'World Vision' which is the world’s largest overseas aid charity.