Structure of the School

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Class Information Staff
Class 1 Class 1 has the Reception pupils Year 1 pupils.    Teacher:
Miss Freshwater
Teaching Assistants:
Mrs C Hopkinson (specific duties)
Class 2 Class 2 has the Year 2 pupils.  Teacher:
Mrs Lynam
Learning Support Assistant:
Mrs Searby
Class 3 Class 3 has the Year 3  and Year 4 pupils. Teachers:
Mr Baldock
Learning Support Assistants:
Mrs Moore
Miss Lee
Mrs Whittemore
Class 4 Class 4 has the Year 5 and the 6 pupils. Teachers:
Mrs Cole (Y5 in the mornings and the full group for one afternoon)
Mrs Hyde (Y6 in the mornings for English)
Mr Hyde (Y6 in the mornings for Maths)
Mrs Wythe (full group for four afternoons)
Learning Support Assistants:
Miss Sparks