Our Teams

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Dragons Griffins Unicorns
We have three teams in school.  They are named after mythical animals from legends.  We can earn team points through the week and these are added up on Fridays.  We then find the winning team (usually in assembly) in the following way:
1. Children can earn team points throughout the week for hard work and following instructions.  In our Celebration Assembly on Friday afternoon each class tells Mr Hyde which team can first, second and third.  Mrs Lee also tells us the rank order for lunch time.  In each of these five Mr Hyde gives three 'Week Total Points' for first, two for second and one for third
2. Mr Hyde then adds these up and sees which team has finished first, second and third overall for the week
3. The team finishing first overall gets three 'Year Total Points' added to their total which is displayed in the hall

The winning team at the end of the year get a 'Non-Uniform Day' just for them.  This reward was suggested by the School Council.